Terms and Conditions

1. Implementation of conditions

The general booking conditions, which are detailed below, are an integral part of the contract between the guest and Costa CarpeDiem SL (C / José Rizal, 1 28043 Madrid CIF B88010822 +34 648 049 936 christophe@costacarpediem.com), and, because of this, the signing of the contract implies acceptance of each and every one of these conditions, regardless of where the reservation was made: the Costa CarpeDiem website, by email or through external websites.

2. Modifications

Modifications to the booking contract and exceptions to these general booking conditions will only take effect if they have been agreed in writing between Costa Carpe Diem and the guest. If the modifications imply an increase or decrease in costs, the parties must agree in writing to the change in the rental price.

3. Prices

Prices vary according to the season, and are stated for each property, for daily, weekly or monthly rentals.

During the peak season (June to September), the minimum stay is 5 or 7 with arrival and departure on a Saturday. In the middle and low season, the arrival and departure may be on other days of the week, and shorter stays may be made.

4. Conditions of contracting and payment

Reservations can be made through the website www.costacarpediem.com, by calling +34 648 049 936 or by email to christophe@costacarpediem.com.

Payments: 45% of the full rental amount will be paid within a maximum period of 3 days after the completion of the reservation. The remaining 55% will be paid 15 days before arrival, or at the time of arrival, prior to the handing over of the keys.

Payments can be made via bank transfer to the IBAN account number: ES80 2095 0476 1091 1762 6927, by credit card, PayPal or by cash.

If these payment dates are not met, Costa CarpeDiem reserves the right to cancel the reservation.

5. Cancellation

In the event of the guest cancelling the reservation, the payments made will be retained by Costa CarpeDiem. A possible total or partial refund can only be considered in the event of Costa CarpeDiem being able to rent the same property on the same dates.

6. Insurance

The rental price does not include insurance, unless expressly indicated (the type of insurance will also be indicated).

7. Accidents and theft

Neither Costa CarpeDiem nor the owner of the property are responsible for any damage or injury (injury, illness, death, property damage, or theft) suffered by the guest or their fellow guests during their stay. The guest, on making the reservation, agrees to undertake responsibility for their own personal safety and that of their belongings and fellow guests, and exempts Costa CarpeDiem and the owner of the home from any responsibility regarding this.

8. Guest’s responsibility

The guest who reserves accommodation for other occupants (as well as for himself) will be jointly and severally liable for the total rental price and the damages caused by his conduct and the conduct of the other occupants during their stay in the property. The reservation will be only valid for the number of people stated in the contract. Occupying the property with more occupants than those stated in the contract is not permitted, and could lead to the termination of the rental contract and the loss of the deposit. In that case, the payments made will not be refunded and the guest will have to pay the full amount of the rental. If the guest intends to occupy the property with more people than those stated or permitted, they must make a request in writing to Costa CarpeDiem prior to the beginning of the rental period. Costa CarpeDiem reserves the right to refuse such request, or to request the payment of an additional surcharge.

The guest agrees to occupy the property in accordance with the general regulations in force.

The guest must respect the rules of coexistence between neighbours, and also the municipal ordinances in force in that place. It is totally forbidden to hold events and parties in any of the properties managed by Costa CarpeDiem.

It is not permitted to play music or make noise that can be heard outside the boundaries of the rental property.

In the case of negligence or inappropriate behaviour, Costa CarpeDiem reserves the right to cancel the rental contract with immediate effect, and without prior notice, which may result in the total loss of the deposit and the rental amount.

9. Deposit

On renting the property, a deposit is established as a guarantee for the proper use of the furniture and fittings, equipment and the use of the entrances to the property. This amount will be paid upon arrival either in cash or as a payment held on your credit card, and will be refunded within a maximum of 7 calendar days after the end of the guest’s stay, as long as no damage has been caused to the property.

If the damages and / or losses caused to the property are higher than the amount paid as a deposit, the guest must pay the difference directly to Costa CarpeDiem or, if applicable, to the owner. Breakages, losses and / or damage to the leased property must be reported immediately to Costa Carpe Diem and the damages must be paid for.

10. Check-in / Check-out

The time of arrival into the property, or check-in time, will be between 3 pm and 7 pm, except in the case of mutual agreement outside those hours between the two parties. In this case, the guest will have to inform Costa CarpeDiem in order for them to arrange the handing over of the keys. On the day of departure, the guests must leave the accommodation before 10:00 hours.

On leaving, the guest must leave the property in an acceptable, orderly and clean condition. The furnishings, fittings, or appliances, such as furniture, hammocks, parasols, etc. must be put back in their original place (as they were on the day of arrival). If the guest leaves the property with the dishes or cooking utensils unwashed, or with rubbish not placed into the correct bins, a cost of € 50 will be applied, which will be taken from the deposit.

11. Documents

On the day of arrival, the guest will be asked for their ID or passport, as well as that of the other occupants who are over 16 years of age, in order to proceed with their registration, as required by the Organic Law 4/2015 on Citizen Protection.

12. Modification or cancellation

Costa CarpeDiem reserves the right to replace the reserved accommodation with another of similar characteristics in the event of a serious unforeseen event that prevents the guest from enjoying their stay in the planned dwelling. If it is not possible to replace it with a suitable property, or if the proposed property does not suit the guest, Costa CarpeDiem will offer the guest a change of date or a cancellation of the reservation, reimbursing the guest for the total amount paid.

13. Incidents

If the guest becomes aware of any incident or damage on entering the property, they need to inform Costa CarpeDiem during the first 48 hours of their stay, in order to resolve the problem as soon as possible, and minimize the inconvenience to their stay. Once the first 48 hours have elapsed, the guest loses his right to claim damages detected prior to his entry. This stipulation is necessary in order to avoid a guest being accused of a break-in or damage which was caused by previous guests, and that hadn’t been detected by our team who checked the property prior to arrival.

It is important that the guest accepts and understands that incidents may occur at any time during their stay in the property and that, on some occasions, these are impossible to foresee (example: problems with septic tank, problems with boilers, broken taps, electrical failures, etc.), and in others they may be beyond our control (example: power cuts, roadworks or other work in the neighbourhood, noise from neighbours or animals, appearance of insects, etc).

Costa CarpeDiem will always do everything in its power to resolve or minimize the impact of any incident you may have during your stay. However, the guest accepts, on making the reservation, that Costa CarpeDiem or the owners will only be responsible for incidents that fall under their control and jurisdiction, and that they are able to resolve. They also accept that certain incidents, especially in high season, may take longer than the guest would wish, as they may require the attendance of specialized providers whose response time is not guaranteed.

If your incident is not resolved satisfactorily within a period of 48 hours, then the guest may submit his claim, in writing, to christophe@costacarpediem.com. Such a claim must be made before the end of the stay. Once the guest has left the property, any claim will be null and void, and the guest will lose any rights regarding the incidents observed. If the guest changes to another property belonging to Costa Carpe Diem, or leaves the rented accommodation before their departure date, without informing Costa Carpe Diem, he will lose all rights to any potential refunds he may be entitled to.

14. Cleaning expenses

End-of-stay cleaning fees are included in the price of the reservation. Cleaning costs during the stay are only included if specifically stated in the contract.

15. Bed linen and towels

Bed linen and towels are included in the rental amount but are not changed during the stay unless specified in the contract or booked as an extra stay. You may have to change bed linen and towels yourself at the end of each week of your stay.

16. Keys

In general, the guest will receive 2 complete sets of the keys to the property. In the event of the guest not returning or losing the keys provided, an additional cost of € 60 will be applied for the losses caused to the company and, potentially, to the next guest. This amount will be deducted from the deposit.

17. Additional facilities

In many cases, if requested directly at the time of booking, we will be able to provide an extra bed, cot, travel cot, high chair etc.

18. Pets

Pets will only be allowed in properties where specifically stated.

19. Works

The houses are usually private properties belonging to different individual owners and are usually located in large residential areas. The properties are not usually located in tourist complexes, and so there may be unexpected roadworks or renovation work taking place in the surrounding area. These are usually carried out by owners, contractors or government organizations with whom we have no relationship. Costa CarpeDiem has no control over these situations and cannot, therefore, accept any responsibility for the inconvenience caused by works that have not been commissioned by them.

20. Satellite/Cable television

If satellite or cable TV is stated in the property description, this does not automatically mean that all the programmes you require would be available. The owners of the houses, the majority of whom are foreigners, have decoders that are not always able to receive international programmes in all languages. In most cases, however, they will be able to receive them.

21. Water, electricity and Internet

Power cuts, water cuts and Internet restrictions can occur due to the municipal and / or regional authorities, and for a variety of reasons. In such cases, they may agree to temporarily cut or limit the distribution. Under no circumstances may CarpeDiem be held liable for any inconvenience or damage caused.

22. Energy consumption

In certain seasons and for those properties with heating and / or air conditioning, the payment of a surcharge may be required. This will always be specified in the rental contract.

23. Choice of jurisdiction and applicable law

If there is any point that hasn’t been stipulated and covered in the aforementioned conditions, then Spanish and regional regulations will be applied. The parties, on expressly waiving the jurisdiction that by law may correspond to them, will hereby submit to the jurisdiction and competence of the courts of the city of Alicante, for the resolution of any issues arising from the application and interpretation of this contract.