Management of vacation rentals in Calpe, Benissa, and Moraira

Are you looking for professional and personal tourist rental management for your villa or apartment in Calpe, Benissa or Moraira? Costa CarpeDiem offers flexible options to increase your profits and so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Management of vacation rentals in Calpe, Benissa, and Moraira

Choose the very best! According to AirDNA, we are the leading agency in Calpe, Benissa, and Moraira, boasting a 76.5% annual occupancy and a customer rating of 4.74 out of 5. These figures are a testament to our commitment to outstanding service. With Costa CarpeDiem, you join a family dedicated to excellence in vacation rentals. Come and see the difference when working with the best!

What does Costa CarpeDiem offer?

Advertisement optimization

We enhance the effectiveness of the ad with professional content and photos.

Home Staging

We design, furnish, and decorate your vacation home to achieve maximum profitability.

Professional cleaning

We coordinate the cleaning and changing of sheets and towels with our team of professionals.

Rate management

We maximize your income and occupancy through dynamic rate management.

In-person check-in

We offer an in-person check-in service and continuous contact with guests.

Checkout and maintenance

We make sure that guests respect the rules and leave the property in perfect condition.

Why Costa CarpeDiem?

5-star service

Managing vacation homes on the Costa Blanca since 2016 and with a solid base of satisfied guests who return year after year.

Win-win relationship

We seek long-term relationships with our property owners and offer the best service with the most competitive fees.

Flexibility and transparency

You will maintain control of your property by accessing our software to view and make your personal reservations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of entrusting my vacation home management to Costa CarpeDiem?

As a company specializing in vacation home management, at Costa CarpeDiem we take care of the entire rental process so that property owners don’t have to worry about a thing. We take care of everything: from the decoration and preparation of the property, to the creation of the listing, positioning strategy, communication with guests, check-in and check-out, coordination before, during, and after the stay, management of cleaning and preparation of the accommodation, and changing of bedding and bath linens so that you don’t have to worry about anything.

Furthermore, at Costa CarpeDiem we offer personalized and close attention to both our guests and the owners of the vacation homes we manage. By working with a reasonable number of properties, we can guarantee individualized attention tailored to the needs of both guests and property owners. We also ensure that our owners maximize their income thanks to our experience and knowledge of the market, as well as dynamic management of pricing.

What requirements must a housing meet to be managed by Costa CarpeDiem?

At Costa CarpeDiem, we are focused on offering a unique and high-quality experience to our guests, so we conduct a thorough selection process for the properties that we incorporate into our portfolio. The properties we manage must meet certain quality standards, such as a good location, attractive and cozy decoration, complete and well-maintained equipment.

If a property does not meet our quality standards but we see its potential, we offer a specialized Home Staging service to prepare it, improve its attractiveness, and meet our standards and the expectations of our guests. We want our guests to feel at home and desire to return year after year.

How are rental prices for vacation homes determined?

At Costa CarpeDiem, rental prices for vacation homes are determined by considering several factors such as location, size and features of the property, time of year, length of stay, and market demand. Additionally, we use price analysis techniques to set competitive and fair prices for our customers. We always make sure that the prices we set allow our property owners to earn the best possible income while also offering guests an unforgettable experience in a high-quality property on the Costa Blanca.

How much can I earn with vacation rental at Costa CarpeDiem?

The amount you can earn with vacation rental depends on various factors, such as the location of the property, its features, furnishings, views, capacity, among others. At our company, we conduct a personalized evaluation of each property to establish the appropriate price for each season of the year.

In addition, we have a wide range of clients throughout the year, such as families in summer and European retirees in winter for longer stays, which allows us to have an average annual occupancy of 70%. For those properties with greater potential and high profitability, we can achieve an occupancy rate that exceeds 90%.

Can I have access to my vacation home even if it’s under full management at any time?

At Costa CarpeDiem, we understand that our owners may need to have access to their vacation home. Therefore, we provide them with access to our software so they can manage their own personal reservations as long as the property is available. However, it’s important to keep in mind that during peak season, we need to have a minimum availability in order to meet the demand of guests and ensure high occupancy of the properties and thereby the best profitability.

Can I offer my property with Costa CarpeDiem while also offering it through other rental agencies or renting it out on my own?

No, at Costa CarpeDiem we work under an exclusivity model, which means that only we manage the rental calendar for each vacation property. This way, we can guarantee control and personalized and effective attention to each of our owner clients

How and when are payments made to the owners of vacation homes at Costa CarpeDiem?

At Costa CarpeDiem, we make payments to the owners of vacation homes by bank transfer on a quarterly basis. Additionally, we send a quarterly statement with a summary of the income and expenses associated with their property to maintain complete transparency in management.

What measures are taken to maintain the cleanliness and good condition of my vacation home after each stay?

At Costa CarpeDiem, we care about the cleanliness and proper condition of each home before and after each stay. We organize a complete cleaning and check at the end of each stay with external companies specialized in cleaning vacation homes. In addition, our team plans and carries out periodic quality controls to ensure that each property meets our high standards. In case of any incidents in the property, our team will intervene to solve the problem quickly and efficiently

Who bears the cost of the final cleaning?

The cost of the final cleaning of the vacation home is borne by the guest. This cost is included in the total rental price and is specified in the rental agreement. In the event that the guest causes damage or leaves the property in an unsatisfactory state, additional charges may be applied to cover cleaning or repair costs.

What happens if there is any damage to the property after a guest’s stay?

It is important to mention that at Costa CarpeDiem, we have a security deposit that covers possible damages to the property after the guest’s stay. This way, we ensure that any possible problem is attended to and solved effectively and quickly, without incurring any additional cost to the owner. Additionally, we work closely with cleaning and maintenance teams to ensure that any damages are detected and repaired before the arrival of the next guest.

What expenses are my responsibility as a property owner when offering my vacation home through Costa CarpeDiem?

The owner is responsible for fixed expenses such as property taxes, taxes, etc., as well as those generated by basic supplies in the house, such as water, electricity, internet, home insurance, and civil liability. The owner is also required to bear the cost of cleaning and maintaining the pool and garden, as well as the natural wear and tear of the property.

During the low season, which runs from November to March, a reasonable maximum consumption is established for these supplies. If guests exceed that consumption, they will be charged the corresponding difference.

What type of contract is signed between the owner of the vacation home and Costa CarpeDiem?

The contract that is signed between the owner and Costa CarpeDiem is a Commission Contract for the Exploitation of Tourist Accommodation, where Costa CarpeDiem acts as an intermediary agent to find guests for the owner’s tourist accommodation.

Costa CarpeDiem assumes the responsibility of providing clients to the property, who in turn contract directly with the end user. The contract also authorizes Costa CarpeDiem to subscribe to the corresponding lease contracts with the guests on behalf of the owner.

We offer a free consultation for prospective properties – just contact us filling our contact form or calling us at +34 648 049 936 to get started.

We look forward to hearing more about your property!

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